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As a multicultural and international company, we aim at providing better products and better information to an infinity of people and prospects. Learn about our goals, history and philosophy

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The Company

Founded in April 1999, Anakena Internet Services specializes in creating and implementing innovative strategies in e-healthcare. With over fifteen years experience in the Internet and IT industry, we constantly strive to offer clients high quality and up-to-the-minute services supported by the know-how of a professional multilingual team. Languages spoken at Anakena: Spanish, Catalan, English and French. Anakena Internet Services is based in Barcelona, Spain.

What does Anakena mean?

For millions of years, only seabirds and dragonflies lived on Rapa Nui, a tiny island that sits by itself in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Thousands of miles separate Rapa Nui (also known as Easter Island) from the nearest continent or island. Exactly how Hota Matua and his brave seafaring companions from Polynesia were able to find that island in the vastness of the Pacific, we will never know.

But we do know that their great knowledge of the sea, their intuition, courage and determination brought them one day to the only safe landing place on this island, a white sandy beach called Anakena.

For us at Anakena, this name symbolizes unknown places. Sailing the vast seas of the internet, Anakena is discovering new places in the world of new technologies. For this journey we too are dependent on our intuition, determination and knowledge of the environment.


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